Management Information System

Management Information System (MIS) department was created in the year 2001 to be the hub of Health Management Information System of the hospital with the help of available team of IT professionals.

The mission of Management Information System department in this hospital is basically to plan for, develop, manage and efficiently use IT tools to help the hospital perform all tasks related to information processing and management. Almost every identifiable task that will lead to the achievement of the hospital’s vision, and that will equally ensure that services are delivered at patients’ moments of value, is computerized.

The role of Management Information Sysytem can therefore, be grouped under the following categories and sub-functions:

  • HARDWARE: Hardware installation, System administration and maintenance including Local Area Network (LAN); System diagnostics, Preventive maintenance and backups, Hardware troubleshooting, System Tear-down & Inspection; Control and maintenance of Internet facilities (Hotspot administration)
  • SOFTWARE: Support for End-User Development (Staff Support Training, Utility-software Installation & Updates); Enabling Corporate Computing Standards; Data / Database Administration; Hospital's website / portal development and maintenance.

Information Processing and Management / Computerization: The process of computerization (Software development and management); which has already begun in the hospital, entails having a functional Local Area Network (LAN), providing software that will handle various operations of the hospital and ensuring adequate maintenance.