Social Welfare

Our goal is to stabilize and support people experiencing intense psychological distress and behavioral issues that are threatening their safety and well-being, or the safety and well-being of others. We accomplish this goal through a combination of diagnostic assessments (psycho-social and risk assessments), individual and group therapy, and care coordination/case management services. Aside diagnostic assessments, we provide rehabilitation, repatriation as well as home visit services.

Units in the department:

  • In-patient psychiatric social work unit include: - Psycho-social assessments; Psychotherapy; Communicate & coordinate with the larger team; Referrals; Repatriation; Rehabilitation; Group/individual/family therapy; Case management.
  • Out-patient psychiatric social work unit include: - Provide therapy and care coordination; Individual therapy; Home visits/follow up.
  • Emergency/crisis response unit include:- Social work assessment; Short term crisis support

Depending on specific role, social workers may fulfill tasks in all three units. Treatment for all patients is Team Based and members of the team meet four (4) times a week in order to discuss the most appropriate treatment and care for the patients.